You may be wondering … how does text marketing work? This video gives a great explanation of the process behind text marketing and how it can work for your business or organization.

Video Transcript

Meet Stan, chef and owner of the Daily Diner and creator of the world-famous Stantastic Burger, a work of true culinary genius.

Some days are pretty slow at the Daily Diner, and Stan’s frustrated that so few people know how incredible the Stantastic Burger really is. You see, Stan has advertised on the radio and the newspaper and online, but the results have been very disappointing. I mean, he’s a burger expert, not an advertising expert, but he still needs to fill his restaurant at lunch and dinner time.

So, one of Stan’s best customers is Tom. Now Tom recently signed up for a text message program at his neighborhood grocery store, and he recommended that Stan explore text messaging.

So, Stan discovered SimpleTexting and decided to try their free trial offer to help the Daily Diner grow its business. Stan followed the simple instructions at, and in just 15 minutes launched his first text message campaign to promote the Daily Diner and bring in brand-new customers.

Text messaging is the perfect way for Stan to keep in touch with his customers and let them help grow the Daily Diner through their network of friends and family. helped Stan set up a text messaging program. It’s really an easy process and because 24% of mobile users typically respond to a mobile offer, the success rate is higher than any other advertising technique. In just days, Stan signed up over 200 customers by promoting the service in the diner’s window and on his cash register receipts.

Now, Stan’s first text message campaign was sent on Monday at 11:00 a.m., right when hungry office workers are thinking about lunch. Kelly, who had signed up for Stan’s program the week before, is one of them.

Now when Stan’s text message arrives, Kelly instantly knew what she wanted for lunch, so what does Kelly do? She sends a text to four friends to meet up for lunch and the power of text messaging is about to help Stan discover four new customers, thanks to Kelly and SimpleTexting.

Consumers benefit from mobile marketing because they get access convenient to great deals from the businesses they choose to follow. Their cellphone becomes like a coupon, and you control the offer and the day of the week and exact time that they receive it. Text messaging is a promotional technology that will help you acquire new customers, increase the frequency of customer visits, increase the amount spent per visit, and help track performance of your other advertising campaigns.

But what if you’re too busy like Stan to set up your first text messaging campaign?

Well, SimpleTexting is so easy to use that anyone on your team can learn how to and start generating new business for you within just a few days. You see, Stan learned how text messaging from SimpleTexting can generate new customers and sell more burgers at the Daily Diner.

So, let SimpleTexting show you how to grow your business!

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