At SimpleTexting we have created a simple and easy to use dashboard so you can spend more time doing what you do best! In this video we give you a flyby overview of the entire dashboard, the topics covered include Keywords, Adding Contacts, Sending Campaign, the Inbox and a preview of our apps section. If you need more information on any of the steps covered, please visit our Help Center 👍.

✍️ Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, Sean here from SimpleTexting. Today I'm going to run through a demo of a few key features to get you up and running with SimpleTexting.  

Some of the topics I will cover are; keywords, adding contacts, and sending your first campaign message. We also have a great library of articles and how to videos to guide you through all the other features that we have, which you can find by clicking on HELP from the main menu.  

Once you have signed up for your free trial with SimpleTexting, the dashboard is the first place you'll arrive. This gives you a quick overview of your account including subscription info, analytics, and your inbox. Today I’ll walk through many of the features in the main navigation here on the left.  

🔑 KEYWORDS (0:39)

If you’re looking for a way to gain new subscribers, communicate more effectively or grow your business, then you’ve definitely landed in the right spot. SimpleTexting provides a number of tools that you can use to build your subscriber lists. The easiest of these is keywords.  

When someone texts your customized keyword to our easy to remember short code, they’ll automatically be added to the subscriber's list that you choose so you can send them targeted messaging later.  And by the way, you can create an unlimited number of keywords with all of our paid plans. 

To do this, you simply go 'add keyword' and choose a keyword that works for you. I'm just going to select “treats”. Now you people who text in 'Treats’' will automatically be added to a list!  

✔️ Auto-Confirmation 

MessageWhen you have selected a list that you'd like to add your subscribers to,  you then write your auto-confirmation message. This is the message the customer will get back when they text ‘TREATS’. Write a message welcoming new subscribers, provide some information or even an incentive for signing up. You could also include a link to your website here. Use our fancy built-in link shortener to save some characters too!

👌  Compliance Message

Below the auto-confirmation message, you'll see the free compliance message. We’ve built compliance into keywords so you have less to worry about. 

You can see a few more details about triggers and the additional parameters in our dedicated keywords video.  

Click 'save' and your keyword is instantly active!  Go ahead and give it a test by texting your keyword now. Here’s what it looks like it will look for our TREATS keyword.


Next, we'll take a look at subscribers. On the subscriber's page, you can add subscribers in a number of different ways. Contacts are sorted in your account by lists. This allows you to send targeted messages to only the people that need to receive your messages. You can have as many subscribers and lists as you need with SimpleTexting.   

First, let’s create a list to store your contacts.  Give it a name that will identify the group. Then click 'save'. Now you can add subscribers manually by clicking the add contact and filling out the details here. At a minimum, you need to have the telephone number. Remember, you also need to select the list or lists  to add this contact to. Once you've entered the details, just click 'save'.

You can also import customers from a CSV or Excel spreadsheet, as long as you have their express consent to send them text messages.  Just click the Import Contacts button, select your file, and choose the list you'd like to add them to. Below the list, you'll see the free compliance message. We send a best practice compliance message to the contacts that you import. Agree to the terms and conditions, and choose next.

When importing contacts, you can choose to add more than just phone numbers. It’s important that you’ve set up your file with a header row so we can easily map the fields. Here’s what it should look like.

You can import any information you’d like into SimpleTexting using our upload feature which is a great way to segment your customers to make sure they get the most relevant message.  We cover this in our segments video, which you should definitely check out later!  


Now that we’ve got some contacts loaded into your account, it’s time for the real magic of text messaging.  Let’s send a message to our VIP customers letting them know about a special deal, just for them.  

To do this you go to 'Campaigns' on the left, and choose 'New Campaign'. Let’s give the campaign a name so we can track the results later. I'm going to call this 'September VIP Offer'. 

In the message body, you can write whatever message you like to your customers. We also have the option to insert custom fields. 

Custom Fields

When using a custom field you need to make sure that you either collected the information using our data collection feature or uploaded it with your contacts in a spreadsheet. Using the custom fields, each user will get a personalized message. If you have the custom field set to a first name, this message here, for example, might read; "SWEET TREATS: Thanks for being a loyal customer, Sean. Show this text for 10% off your next order.". You can also upload images into your text message. It will show as a link, or on some devices as a preview image directly in the message.  


You can use our built-in link shortener here too. We’ll track clicks on the link, so it’s a great way to track how well your message performs!

📷 MMS Messaging

You can also send an MMS message, which displays images, video or audio files DIRECTLY in the message. This is a great way to get your message across visually and can have a big impact on the performance in some industries. Have a look at the preview message here on the right. You'll notice the image is directly in the message. It's worth noting that MSS messages are 3 credits, versus a single credit for an SMS. MMS also allows you to have 1600 characters versus 160 characters with SMS. 

When you're ready to send your message simply click the list or lists  you’d like to send it to and click next. You can send it immediately or schedule the message for later.


SimpleTexting also allows you to have a two-way conversation with your customers via the inbox and view responses to your campaigns. You can respond to any message or start up a new conversation. When you want to send your message simply click send SMS.

📱APPS (5:45)

For some more advanced, but still simple to use, features click on the APPS section.  This is where you can create Web Signup Forms, sync with MailChimp and add Data Collection to gather more info from subscriber when they text a keyword, among many other features!  If you'd like more information or need some guidance on how to use these apps, simply click the help section on your dashboard.


The Help Section on the SimpleTexting website has more detailed breakdowns on all of the steps I've covered, great how-to videos and lot s of other resources.

For more help on getting started, we’re available by phone, email and live chat, so please reach out to one of our amazing support and on-boarding reps. 

When you’re ready to upgrade, you can do this by clicking the green Upgrade button on the dashboard or visiting the billing section by clicking your name in the bottom left.  

Thanks for joining me, and have a great day.

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