**Please note the following steps will only work on a paid Zapier account - You will need to upgrade your plan on Zapier if you would like to use this Zap ⚑. **

Using the SimpleTexting Zapier integration you can read any inbound message and respond to that message depending on its content. Or in the case of this article depending on the time that it was sent πŸ˜€.

If you are not yet familiar with Zapier - we would recommend reading this article to get a better understanding of how to set up your Zapier account with SimpleTexting.

Step 1: Set your Trigger

Set your trigger in Zapier by searching for SimpleTexting and setting the trigger to be a New Incoming Message. Be sure to pull a sample message from your SimpleTexting account:

Step 2: Format your date

Format the date so it can be read correctly for Step 3. First, select the 'Formatter' option. In the list of options select Date/Time.Β 

In the transform field - Select format. After selecting the 'To Format' option, click continue (the rest of the fields don't matter).

In the 'Date you would like to format' field select the date/time your message came in from the sample you pulled in Step 1.

Set the 'To Format' to match the format above: ddd MMM DD HH:mm:ss Z YYY.

Step 3: Filter your message

Next, you will need to add your filter. This will be where messages that should or should not get an 'Out of Office' message will be processed. The filter will only send your 'Out of Office' message if someone has texted you outside of business hours.Β 

After your Date/Time Action, select 'Add Step' and choose 'Filter'.Β 

Set the criteria you need. In the 'date' field fetch the date from the formatted date you made in Step 2. Below we set our criteria to only continue if the time is after 17:00 (please use 24 Hour formatted time) OR the text contains Sat OR the text contains Sun.Β 

**This is where the formatter in Step 2 was needed**.

**One final note on this step. If you see a message like the one below, that is perfectly normal. It is simply letting you know, that the sample message you pulled in from SimpleTexting would not have proceeded to the next step because it did not match the criteria you created. For example on the criteria set above, if my sample message from SimpleTexting was sent within office hours - Midweek, before 17:00 - I would get the message below - Which is means your filter worked πŸ‘**

Step 4: Send your Out of Office Message

Finally, after your message has been filtered correctly, those who pass - meaning anyone who texts you after 17:00 or on the weekend - will get a message saying you are not in the office πŸ’¬. Β First, select 'Add Step' then choose 'Action/Search', find SimpleTexting in your actions apps and choose 'Send SMS Message'

Set the phone number to be the incoming phone number from your trigger:

And lastly, write your desired message and continue to test your Zap!

When you are done, your Zap should look like this:

If you need help with any of the steps listed above, be sure to reach out to us via phone, email, or live chat  😊!

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