By default, when you sign up for a SimpleTexting account, you get access to our mass texting dashboard. This allows you to send messages to large groups of subscribers at once.

If you have business texting enabled, you can also access a second dashboard that's specifically for sending one-on-one messages.

With mass text marketing, you use a 5- to 6-digit short code. (By default you'll be set up with 555888.) On the other hand, one-on-one business texting allows you text using a standard 10-digit number. You can get a new local number, or text-enable your existing one.

Switching Between the Two

Credits are shared between two dashboards, and toggling between them is easy! Just click the switch at the top right-hand corner.

When to Use One-on-One Business Texting 🤝

While two-way messaging is possible on both dashboards, lengthy back-and-forth conversations with individual subscribers are best suited for business texting. Not only can you enable push notifications, but you can also add notes to conversations, snooze threads, or mark them as resolved. So if you're providing customer service or using SMS for recruiting, business texting is for you!

When to Use Mass Text Marketing 📣

Mass text marketing is great for when you need to communicate with hundreds or thousands of subscribers at once. You may want to use mass texts to send:

  • Coupons, discounts, and offers
  • New product announcements
  • Sweepstakes
  • Fundraising requests

*It's important to note that in order to send a promotional text (like the examples above) to a subscriber, you must have their express consent.

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