During your trial, you get access to almost everything SimpleTexting has to offer! You'll be able to:

  • Send 50 free SMS messages (or 16 MMS messages)

  • Have 2-way conversations

  • Get access to our expert support team

  • Try out our built-in apps

But with great power, comes great responsibility. That's why we put some limits on our trial to help prevent spam.

Because of these limits, we don’t recommend going fully live and marketing your keyword on your trial. Instead, we suggest you use the time to test out our features and make sure our platform can do everything you need it to. Things like:

  • Create a keyword and test it out with your own team

  • Send a test SMS/MMS campaign 

  • Schedule a message or create an autoresponder 

  • Test out our apps and free tools to discover new features

Take the time to get an idea of how you’d like to use the platform, then upgrade to a paid plan once you’re ready to launch.

How Many Contacts Can I Import During the Trial?

On a trial account, you can upload up to 50 contacts. When you've upgraded to one of our paid plans, you'll have access to importing more contacts

Be advised that there are federal and industry compliance regulations for text messaging. For instance, you must obtain express consent from your contacts before sending them texts.

Why Am I Getting a "You've Exceeded Your Daily SMS Messages Limit" Message?

The daily limit is a restriction placed on sending direct messages via inbox for new accounts as a means to help prevent potential spam.  We can raise this limit so you can proceed with sending more messages. 

Just click the blue chat box in the right-hand corner to start a conversation with an onboarding specialist.

How Do I Upgrade?

To upgrade, just click the green button on your dashboard. 😊

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