Autoresponders let send out a out a series of pre-written text messages at regular intervals. This is also known as a drip campaign. We go into detail on how to set up Autoresponders in this article.

We recently launched the ability to add delivery windows to autoresponders. All you have to do is check the delivery window box:

How Do Delivery Windows Work?

Let's look at the example above. Imagine you set an autoresponder to send a week after someone joins your list. If a customer texted in a keyword at 11:35 PM on Sunday, they wouldn't get your message at 11:35 PM the following Sunday. Instead, they'd receive it at 10:00 AM on Monday.

Adding a delivery windows to your autoresponders helps make sure your messages go out at convenient times. 😀 

It's important to note that delivery windows are based on your account's time zone which can be adjusted in your settings.

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