We make it easy to download detailed delivery reports about your campaigns. Included in these reports are the first names, last names, phone numbers, and delivery statuses of every message sent within the campaign.

The delivery statuses include:

The message was successfully delivered to the recipient
The recipient unsubscribed after receiving this campaign

Undelivered - Soft Bounce
The message wasn’t delivered yet but the number is active, so the message may be delivered later on. The phone may have been off or away from cell coverage.

Undelivered - Hard Bounce
The message wasn't delivered and the number has been marked as invalid. It may be a landline or another number incapable of receiving texts. Once a number has been marked as invalid, we won't try to deliver messages to it in the future.

How to Download Your Report

1. Go to Campaigns in the side bar and select the one you're interested in.

2. At the bottom of your campaign summary, click the Export button.

3. Open the CSV file. It should look something like this:

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