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How to Use PartnerStack
How to Use PartnerStack

PartnerStack is a tool our partners can use to earn commission for referring businesses to SimpleTexting. Here’s how it works.

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To join our Referral Program, sign up here.

Once you've logged in, you'll first need to accept our Terms of Service, and then you can begin to explore your PartnerStack dashboard.

To learn more about how to navigate your PartnerStack dashboard, read PartnerStack's Dashboard 101.

Here’s How to Earn Commission

1. Log into PartnerStack, and navigate to the “Links” tab. Here you’ll find your available referral URLs. You can access your unique link and share it with your referral base. You can even create a custom link.

2. Before your client creates their SimpleTexting account, share your referral URL with them. When they click the URL, a 90-day tracking cookie is added to their browser.

3. When they sign up for SimpleTexting for the first time, you will be credited as the referrer and can see the client’s details in your PartnerStack account. When the client upgrades to a paid SimpleTexting subscription, you will begin to receive your commission.

4. You’ll see your earned commissions in your PartnerStack account.

We have partnered with PartnerStack to help make your referral process seamless. However, we do not manage or control how their dashboard functions. If you have any questions related to PartnerStack, you can find their FAQ here.

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