If you are on a shared short code, please complete this form to switch to a new number.

Why are short codes being eliminated?

Shared short codes are used by multiple businesses, which makes them more susceptible to spam. To protect consumers, wireless carriers are discontinuing service for shared short codes.

We have been given a new date for this shutdown: December 15th, 2021.

Is there any way I can stay on my short code?
Unfortunately, no. Carriers will no longer allow messages to be sent from numbers shared by multiple businesses. However, there are benefits to switching to a dedicated number:

  • Your new number will be yours, exclusively

  • You can initiate 1-on-1 conversations with contacts

  • Contacts can save your number to their address books

What are my options?

We can migrate your account to any of the below number types.

Number type



Toll-free (most popular)

(888) 420-4408

Dedicated short code


  • Takes a few weeks to provision

  • Fees begin at $1,000/month


(305) 213-2943

  • Send messages from a local number with your area code

Vanity toll-free

1 (800) FLOWERS

  • Can be purchased from a third-party such as Avoxi.com and text-enabled by us

What will happen to my keywords?
After the 15th of December, they will only work on your new number.

Can anyone else provide shared short codes?
No. This an industry-wide change that affects all texting platforms. No one will be able to offer a shared short code anymore.

Can I get my own short code?
Yes! We can help you provision a dedicated short code. Please note the process takes a few weeks and fees begin at $1,000/month. For a limited time, we've reduced our setup fee to help customers transition.

Can I get a vanity toll-free number like 1-800-FLOWERS?

Yes. You can purchase a vanity toll-free number (e.g., 1-800-FLOWERS) from a third-party such as Avoxi.com and we can text-enable it at no additional cost.

What happens if I do not switch to a new number before the new date?
Messages will no longer be able to be sent or received via shared short codes. In order to comply with carrier regulations, we will need migrate your account automatically to a toll-free number before then.

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