If you use a local phone number to send messages from an application like SimpleTexting, you’ll need to register it with The Campaign Registry.

Once you’ve completed the registration of your company and campaign(s) by filling out this form, the information is sent to TCR, a third-party company that is an intermediary between companies like SimpleTexting and mobile carriers.

TCR uses a reputation algorithm to review specific criteria relating to your company, and assign a “Trust Score” that will determine your messaging throughput (how quickly you can send messages).

The higher your Trust Score, the higher your messaging throughput is.

Can I Appeal My Trust Score?

TCR is allowing companies to appeal their initial Trust Score. If you feel your Trust Score is low, let us know, and we can handle the appeal on your behalf.

TCR is referring to this process as Secondary Vetting and is charging a one-time fee of $40. TCR clearly states that there is no guarantee that your Trust Score will increase because of this additional review.

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