(This is part 9 in the SimpleTexting 101 Beginners Guide to SMS Marketing.)

Umm, triggers ❓

Yep. 🙂 Keywords can actually have their own sub-keywords, and we call those sub-keywords triggers. They’re great for providing extra details that people frequently ask about.

Say you want to make it super easy for people on your PurplePeopleEater list to get your contact info. Here’s how you’d do that:

  1. Go to Keywords and select PurplePeopleEater
  2. Add a trigger and name it “Contact”
  3. Put your contact info in the trigger message field
  4. Then, back in the auto-confirmation message for PurplePeopleEater, add something like this: Reply with “Contact” to get contact info
  5. You’re done; now you can rock

See what’s going on there? First, people text PurplePeopleEater to join your list. Second, they get your auto-confirmation message and see the option to reply with Contact. Finally, they text Contact and get another message with your contact info.

Triggers are a bit tricky, so if you need any assistance, feel free to reach out: [email protected] / chat bubble.

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