If you’re looking for a way to gain new subscribers, communicate more effectively or grow your business, then you’ve definitely landed in the right spot. Keywords are one of the easiest ways to gather subscribers and with our built in compliance, you've got less to worry about! 

SimpleTexting offers an unlimited number of keywords with all of our paid plans, so you can create unique and branded keywords and advertise them to gather more subscribers to your lists. 

In this video, we walk you through setting up a keyword, in particular, a branded keyword that a customer can text in to get a coupon! 

✍️ Video Transcript:

SimpleTexting provides a number of tools that help you build your subscriber list. The easiest of these is keywords

When someone texts your customized keyword to our easy to remember short code, they’ll automatically be added to the subscriber list that you choose so you can send them targeted messaging later. And by the way, you can create an unlimited number of keywords with all of our paid plans. 

To do this, you simply go 'add keyword' and choose a keyword that works for you. I'm going to select “treats” for our bakery. Now people who text in "Treats’' will automatically be added to a list!  

✔️ Auto-confirmation message

When you have selected a list that you'd like to add your subscribers to,  you then write your auto-confirmation message. This is the message the customer will get back when they text ‘TREATS’. Write a message welcoming new subscribers, provide some information or even an incentive for signing up. You could also include a link to your website here.  Use our fancy built-in link shortener to save some characters too!

💡SimpleTexting Tip: You can select either SMS or MMS for your confirmation depending on how many characters you need or if you'd like to include rich media in the body of your message.

👌 Compliance Message

Below the auto-confirmation message, you'll see the free compliance message. We’ve built compliance into keywords so you have less to worry about. 

🛎️ Triggers 

Below this we have triggers. Triggers, also known as sub-keywords, allows you to send more information when a subscriber replies with a certain 'trigger word' contains within the body of the auto-confirmation message. Rather than putting in the website in the auto-conformation here, for example, we can encourage people to reply 'Order'. Now, when you create a trigger on the word 'Order' you can reply back with the link. Remember, though triggers are useful in some cases, they are not needed on every keyword. 

🔧 Additional Parameters Fields 

Below this, we have the additional parameters fields. The first additional parameter when, when ticked, allows the auto-confirmation message to get sent back every time the keyword is text in. The next one, forwards opt-ins to an email address that you've chosen, so you get notified when people have opted in. Lastly, we have opt-ins via cellphone, so you can get a text message letting you know that people have opted into your keyword. Getting notified via email and text are very useful for those who need to know when their subscribers are texting in.

Once you're happy with your settings click 'save' and your keyword has been created. Go ahead and give it a test, by texting your keyword now. Here's when it will look like when for our keyword 'Treats'. 

Thanks for joining me on the demo today, remember, if you have any questions please reach out via phone, email or live chat. 

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