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How To Create Alternate Confirmation Messages for Keywords
How To Create Alternate Confirmation Messages for Keywords

Learn how to customize your confirmation message when the same user texts in your keyword more than once.

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Keywords are one of the most popular ways businesses grow their lists. All a contact has to do is text a unique word to your number, and they’ll be subscribed to future messages. But what if the same person texts in the keyword again?

Now, you can customize the message a contact receives the second time they text in your keyword. Take the opportunity to remind customers that they’re already subscribed or include a special offer as an easter egg!

Adding Additional Confirmation Messages

1. Click Keywords on the left-hand menu of your dashboard.

2. Find the keyword you want to add additional confirmation messages to, and click on it.

3. Under the Additional parameters section at the bottom of your page check the box next to "Send auto-confirmation message every time keyword is texted".

4.  Two options will appear. If you select "Resend confirmation message", users will receive your original confirmation message each time they text in the keyword. If you select, "Send a different message", a new text box will appear where you can write a second confirmation message to send the next time a subscriber texts a keyword in.

5. Once you type your new keyword confirmation message, click the blue Save keyword button when you're done.

You're done!

SimpleTexting Tip — Custom Fields ☝️

To reduce the number of times your keyword is texted in by the same contact, be sure your second confirmation message acknowledges they're in your list until they unsubscribe!

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