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Campaigns: How to Send a Text Message Campaign
Campaigns: How to Send a Text Message Campaign

This article shows you how easy it is to send a text message, even if it's your first campaign.

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Campaigns are one of the most popular SimpleTexting features. Whether you want to send them immediately, or schedule your whole marketing calendar in advance, campaigns are your solution. 

Follow Along with SimpleTexting

Prefer to watch a video to learn how to create and send a campaign? No problem! Get started by following along with this step-by-step video from SimpleTexting.

Video transcript:

Hi there! And welcome to SimpleTexting.

Today we’re going to show you how to send Bulk SMS messages using our platform.

Click Campaigns on the left and select New. Give your campaign a name. This is just for your reference, so your contacts won’t see it.

We’ll call this one Summer Sale. Now type out your message.

“Take 20% off any item when you show this text at checkout.”

Great! Now select the list you want to send your message to. In this case, we’re going with Customers.

Now, choose whether you’d like to send your campaign immediately, schedule it for the future, or set it as recurring. Now, click Next.

Mine is set to send immediately, so in my case, I’d click Send now. Done! That’s how quick it is to send a bulk SMS message.

SimpleTexting comes with tons of other features, too. You can set up automatic texts, attach photos or videos, conduct surveys, have two-way conversations, and a lot more.

Sign up today for a free 14-day trial at Thanks for watching!

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