Campaigns are a really powerful way to communicating to your subscribers. You can send out coupons, promotions or just general information about you or your organization 😄.

SimpleTexting allows you to quickly and easily send out messages to to your subscriber lists. If you haven't imported any subscribers yet, be sure to check out our Importing Contacts video. 

In this video, we take a look at sending a custom message with a coupon to your subscribers, and how to reply directly to any questions via the inbox. 

✍️ Video Transcript:

Hey there, Sean here from SimpleTexting. Thanks for joining me on another tutorial. Today I'm going to talk about New Campaigns, and the Inbox Messaging on the SimpleTexting dashboard. First, we'll look at sending a bulk message to an entire list.  

🚀 New Campaign

To do this you go to 'Campaigns' on the left, and choose 'New Campaign'. Let’s give the campaign a name so we can track the results later. I'm going to call this 'September VIP Offer'. 

In the message body, you can write whatever message you like to your customers. We also have the option to insert custom fields. 

Custom Fields

When using a custom fields you need to make sure that you either collected the information using our data collection feature or uploaded it with your contacts in a spreadsheet. If you have the custom field set to a first name, this message here, for example, might read; "SWEET TREATS: Thanks for being a loyal customer, Sean. Show this text for 10% off your next order.". You can also upload images into your text message. It will show as a link, or on some devices as a preview image directly in the message.  

You can use our built in link shortener here too. We’ll track clicks on the link, so it’s a great way to track how well your message performs!

📷 MMS Messaging
You can also send an MMS message, which displays images, video or audio files DIRECTLY in the message. This is a great way to get your message across visually and can have a big impact on the performance in some industries. Have a look at the preview message here on the right. You'll notice the image is directly in the message. It's worth noting that MSS messages are 3 credits, versus a single credit for an SMS. MMS also allows you to have 1600 characters versus 160 characters with SMS. 

When you're ready to send your message simply click the list or lists  you’d like to send it to and click next.  You can send it immediately or schedule the message for later.

✉ Inbox Messaging

SimpleTexting also allows you to have a two-way conversation with your customers via the inbox and view responses to your campaigns. You can respond to any message or start up a new conversation.

For more help getting started, we're available via phone email or live chat. Thanks for joining me and have a great day. 

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