Sometimes, 160 characters isn’t enough. Or perhaps a photo is necessary to get your message across. That’s where MMS comes in handy. With MMS marketing you can send and receive rich multimedia via text without using external links. Your subscribers can see and engage with your media directly in the text message.

Follow Along with SimpleTexting Academy

Want to watch this process walked through step-by-step? Follow along with this video from SimpleTexting Academy.

What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS allows you to add all kinds of rich media right inside your messages including images, gifs, videos, and audio files. It also lets you write up to 1,600 characters of text, 1,440 characters more than SMS. 

The added value of text messages including rich media has a fairly positive impact on businesses: 

  • MMS has a 20% higher opt-in rate than SMS
  • People are 8 times more likely to share MMS content on social media
  • 98% of mobile devices can handle MMS just fine

Create An MMS Campaign

For this example, let’s pretend we’re an animal shelter that needs to find a temporary foster parent for a new kitten. 

1. Click New campaign on the left-hand panel of your dashboard. 

2. Give your campaign a name. This is just for your reference. Your subscribers won’t see this. 

3. Click MMS. 

4. Give your message a subject. Your subscribers will see this. Next, write out your message in the box below.

5. Now, to attach your photo, video, etc. Click Media next to the paperclip icon.  

6. If you already have a link to the photo, click on the link icon and paste it there. Or, you can select an image from your computer by clicking the folder icon.

7. Wait for the image to load, select it, then click Insert

8. Some devices may not support MMS. Those subscribers will receive an SMS fallback message with a link to the photo instead.

You can edit your fallback message in the box below your message. For example:

9. Now, select the list you want to send your MMS message to. 

10. Click the blue Next button. 

11. Review your message. You can choose to either schedule your message for later, or click Send now. 

You’re done! Sending dynamic and engaging texts is as simple as that. 

SimpleTexting Tip — File Size☝️

When it comes to file size, you can upload a .jpeg or .png that’s up to 10 megabytes, and we’ll resize it for delivery. However, if you’re attaching an audio file, video, PDF, or any other type of file type that can’t be resized, it needs to be limited to 1 megabyte. 

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