Campaigns are one of the most popular SimpleTexting features. Whether you want to send them immediately, or schedule your whole marketing calendar in advance, campaigns are your solution. 

Follow Along with SimpleTexting Academy

Prefer to watch a video showing you how to create and send a campaign? No problem! Get started by following along with this step-by-step video from SimpleTexting Academy.

Create A New Campaign 

Follow along and you’ll be texting in no time:

1. Log in and click Campaigns, then select New Campaign. Or, if you like shortcuts, just click the plus symbol to the right of the campaigns tab.

2. Give your campaign a name. This is just for your reference, subscriber’s won’t see this. For example, let’s pretend we’re a bakery announcing a new cookie flavor.

3. Next, type out your message in the box labeled Message

As a best practice, the first word of your text message should be your list name, business name, or something else that’s easily identifiable. This lets recipients know right away that it’s Sweet Treats offering them a delicious deal, and not any of the other bakeries they might be getting delicious deals from.

4. Now it’s time to select who to send your campaign to. Look below your message to see all the lists you have created. Click whichever list(s) you want to receive this campaign. For example, we selected our customers list. 

5. Click Next and review your message

6. Click the blue Send now button if you want your message sent immediately. 

7. Or, click the Clock button to schedule your campaign for a specific date and time.  

You’re done! 

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