Messages will show as coming from the number that is found on your SimpleTexting Dashboard, rather than your personal cell number. It is not possible to change this to your personal cell number. Services like ours can typically use numbers that are not already being used for texting elsewhere. Because mobile phones have built-in texting that cannot be deleted, mobile numbers are not able to be used on our platform.

If you are looking to further personalize your messages though, you can add your business name at the beginning or end of the message! For example:

Joe's Pizza - Today's special is buy one large pizza, get one half off!

Additionally, if interested, we can text-enable an existing toll-free number of yours for mass texting purposes, so that messages come from your business number. 🙂 To do this you would need to do the following:

  1. Purchase a toll-tree number (or use an existing toll-free number you own) so that we can attach it to your account. This number will become the number that your messages are sent from. You can purchase a toll-free number for as little as $4.49 per month from sites like Avoxi or

  2. Once purchased, reply here or to [email protected] with the receipt so we can confirm it to start the text provisioning process. Once confirmed, there is a quick form to fill out. Once the form is completed, the process to text enable the number and get it attached to your account can typically be done the same day, but may take up to 3 days in some cases.

  3. You will then be able to start sending your messages to your contacts.

We can also text enable your local business landline (as mentioned above, we cannot enable a cellphone) using the steps listed above, the only difference is, you cannot use a local number for mass texting, it can only be used for one-on-one texting.

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