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How to Switch to a Local Number
How to Switch to a Local Number

Want to send messages from an area code your contacts will recognize? Follow along to set up your account with a local number.

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As a SimpleTexting customer, you have your choice of phone numbers. If a certain region or area is important to your business, you can choose a number with a specific area code.

Switching to a Local Number

1. Click on the Settings button at the lower left-hand corner of your dashboard.

2. Next, select Numbers from your top menu.

3. Select the number you want to change.

4. Click on Change number below your number.

5. Locate the Local Number option on the left and click Get started.

6. Read the disclaimer and select Continue with a local number on the pop up if you want to continue.

7. Enter your desired area code and choose from the available numbers listed.

8. If you'd like to see more options, click Show more numbers to generate a fresh list of numbers.

9. Once you select a number you like, click the blue Get this number button.

10. You're done! Now, when you return to your dashboard, you can select Your number at the top right hand corner of your dashboard to see your new number.

Did you know that 79% of people believe that local businesses are more reliable?

Once your new number is secured, local subscribers will have the added familiarity when they happily add your organization into their contact list.
πŸ’‘SimpleTexting Tip: Note that local numbers are great for 1-on-1 texts as they can reliably send mass messages to small groups of 100 people or less, once per day. If you anticipate that you'll be sending more messages to a greater number of people per day, you may want to consider a toll-free number to better meet your needs!

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