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How can I segment my contact list based on click behavior?
How can I segment my contact list based on click behavior?

Organize your contacts based on whether or not they clicked on a particular link in your campaign, then send autoresponders accordingly.

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In addition to tracking the overall click-through rate of your campaign, we also have a magical feature called "unique link tracking" which allows you to send campaigns just to those contacts who clicked—or didn't click—your link.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Create and send a campaign with a link

Head to the Campaigns section of your dashboard and write your message. Make sure to include a link, then click Shorten URLs. This will wrap your URL in brackets.

On your contacts' phones your links will appear teeny tiny, saving you valuable characters. Here's some more info about our URL shortener.

Once you're happy with your message, click Send.

2. Go to Contacts on the left-hand panel, and click Segments, then New Segment or Add Segment

Your message is out in the world. Some people are clicking on the link you shared, others aren't. Let's segment your contact lists based on their behavior.

3. Choose the segment criteria

Click Add criteria. Then, select Link from the first drop-down menu. You now have two options: clicked or not clicked. For this example, we'll select clicked. 

Now select whether your link was sent from a campaign, autoresponder, or keyword. For this example, we'll select campaign.

Finally, select the campaign and the link you want to track. Click Save segment and name your segment.

3. Create an autoresponder for your segment

Now you can create a text message that sends automatically to contacts who clicked on your link.

Click Autoresponders from the navigation on the left. Then click New autoresponder. Compose your message and select your new segment from the drop-down menu.

Select an appropriate delay for your message. In this example, contacts who clicked on the link will receive our autoresponder after one day.

That's it! Now just click Save autoresponder. Your campaigns are officially way, way, smarter.

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