Our built-in link shortener lets you turn even the longest URLs into text-friendly links. This will save you lots of characters so you can get more info in your messages. Send links to sites, videos, downloadable content, or apps. Teeny tiny links make the possibilities endless.

How do I use the link shortener in SimpleTexting?

  1. Go to New Campaign in the quick access row, give your message a name, and type your message.
  2. Copy and paste your link into the message body, and click the button that says Shorten URLs. Your link should now be wrapped in brackets with “url=“ at the beginning. After you hit send, the link will be shortened.
  3. The character count will reflect the number of characters taken up by the tiny link, not the original URL.
  4. Now, just select the recipients you want to send to, click Next, and then Send campaign.
  5. Your campaign is off! Your link will be magically transformed into tiny links on your subscribers phones.

Wait a minute—I clicked Shorten URLs, and my link doesn’t look shorter?

Your links won’t shorten in the message composer. After you click send, they will appear as tiny links on your subscribers' phones. 

Here's what you'll see in the message composer:

And here's what your subscribers will see on their phones:

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