Creating Audience Segments

When you've got a ton of contacts and just need to reach a few, segments are here to help. Send targeted messaging to just the right group.

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Ever wanted to send a text message to people in a particular zip code? Or perhaps who opted in to a keyword last week, or whose name is Jim? 

With segments, you can filter for these contacts and send targeted text messages. Use them to make your text message marketing even smarter by targeting specific groups of contacts and sending them campaigns tailored to their interests or demographics.

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Get familiar with all the essentials and follow along with a step-by-step video on how to create segments.

What Are Segments?

A segment is a group of contacts who have something in common with each other. You can create segments based on the info you've collected using Data Collection or using info that you've imported to your list.

Consider creating segments based on….

  • Click behavior

  • Birthday month

  • Opt-in date

  • Opt-in source (such as keyword or web form)

  • Create unique segments based on your custom fields

Set Up Your First Segment

1. Click Contacts on the left-hand panel of your dashboard. 

2. Click on the Segments tab and then New segment.

3. You can choose to create a segment within a specific list, or among all of your contacts. Let’s create a segment among all of our contacts.

4. Next, click Add Criteria. 

5. Choose how you want to segment your list. In this example, we'll use custom fields. Let’s say we want to send a message to just our subscribers who are in Beverly Hills. 

6. You can add one or multiple pieces of criteria that you want people to match to. Once you're happy with your criteria, click Save segment

7. Done! Now you can use these segments in your campaigns, or in your autoresponders. You'll be able to select segments as recipients just like you would with lists, and then continue through the campaign creation process.  Just look for this icon:

Viewing or Editing Your Segments

You can view your segments anytime right from the Contacts tab and the Segments page under it. Just click on the Segments tab at the top of the page to view a list of your segments.

If you need to delete or edit a segment, click on the segment name.

If you create an autoresponder for a segment, every new contact who meets the segment criteria will automatically receive your message. If you ever need help segmenting your list, our support team is available seven days a week.

Are Segments Updated Automatically?

Yes. Any new contacts that meet the criteria are automatically added to your segment. 

Segments are a powerful way to take reach out to just the right customers. Combined with Data Collection and Custom Fields, it's a match made in heaven. 😇

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