Getting some basic information on your customers is pretty easy with SimpleTexting, right?

You simply send them out a poll asking from some feedback, or you ask to take part in a Text to Vote Survey. These features are super easy and a nice quick way of getting some standard feedback from your customers. 

But what if you wanted a little but more than just some basic information?

For example, what if you wanted to know the customers' zip code? Or what should the next pizza topping you add to your menu be?

With the SimpleTexting multi-question survey, you can do just that! Let's take a look at how to solve this conundrum with SimpleTexting and Data Collection .

1. Create Custom Fields ❄

First, create a custom field for each question you want to ask on the survey. Go to the Contacts tab and select 'Custom Field.'

Next, select the custom field type you want to create. Choosing a type other than 'Text' will require the customer to reply with the correct format for the type selected.

For example, it will ask for their zip code again if they reply with a 6 digit zip code. Below, we made a new field for the zip code. 

2. Create a New Keyword 🔑

Now create a keyword for customers to text in to take part in your survey.

3. Add Data Collection to your Keyword 📊

Go to our Apps section and select Data Collection from our list of apps. Then choose 'Add Data Collection'

Select the keyword you're looking to add the survey to and choose whether or not to send an auto-confirmation message before your data collection prompts. 

Finally, select the questions you would like to ask. You can edit the text to ask the question however you like, when you're ready click save 😁. You can order these questions however you'd like.

4. Viewing your Data 👀

To view the data collected, simply go to the Contacts tab and click on the three dots to the right of the list you created and select "Export Contacts".

Here's how the data will look in your spreadsheet when you download it:

You can check out the actual spreadsheet created from the survey here.

5. Promotion 🔊

Finally, you're going to want to get that survey out there! You can do so by creating a campaign. In the body of the campaign, encourage your users to reply back to the campaign with the keyword you created for the survey.

You can also spread the word through social media, in-store signage, or word of mouth. Whatever you think works best for your audience.

With that said, you'll probably see a higher response rate if you send it through SMS (Though we may be a bit biased 😛). 

Good luck with your survey, please let us know if you need some help with any of the steps we covered in this article 😁. 

Combining Data Collection With Autoresponders

You can set up follow up autoresponders for your segmented answers i.e. if a group of people text a certain answer, you can schedule a text to automatically go out to that segment. 

Autoresponders will only be sent after all the data collection questions. 

You can learn more about autoresponders here.

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