Get instant feedback with a text poll. You can set up multiple choices and even share the real-time results with your participants. Instant feedback and instant fun!

Voting via text message is an easy and innovative way to collect feedback and engage with your audience. You can use it to gauge customer satisfaction, create a poll to find the best picture, or vote on the best karaoke singer.

Here's how to create a Text to Vote Survey with SimpleTexting. 

Once you’ve logged in to SimpleTexting, go to Apps, Text to Vote Surveys, and Create poll or Add contest. You can name your poll. This is just for your own reference, contacts won’t actually see this.

Select the keyword that will initiate the polling. Next, write your poll question. After that, write your choices (only one per line) and your post-response message.

You can even send real-time results to the participants so they’ll see the current vote count. Click Save poll, and there you go.

You can click the three dots next to your poll to view your results, export recent results (you'll see a "results not available" tag on older results), pause, edit, or duplicate your survey.

Note: If you edit your poll and change your answers, this will be reflected in your exported report.

Thanks for watching, and happy texting!

Note: You can run Text to Vote polls through both your primary and secondary numbers.

P.S. With the Text to Vote Surveys, you can ask one question. With the Data Collection app, though, you can send multiple questions. Here is a link to our help center article on our data collection app. 

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