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As we’ve explained throughout our site, TCPA and legal compliance is our customer’s responsibility. Before you import a list for text message marketing purposes, you must have prior express written consent from each contact on that list. 

We go into what express written consent is in detail in our step-by-step compliance guide. We highly recommend reading it before getting started. Here's a quick overview:

Express consent is permission given by someone on paper or electronically. In order for their consent to be valid, you must provide a clear and conspicuous disclosure that they are agreeing to marketing or promotional messages sent via an autodialer, what type of messages the user will receive, and how often they will receive them.

This disclosure must be clearly visible. It can't be hidden in a privacy policy or user agreement.

Also, you cannot force someone to opt in to your text marketing program by making the opt-in a condition of purchasing property, goods, or services. In other words, you can't say "to complete your purchase, please enter your phone number."

What About Informational Texts?

If a text is strictly informational, such as an order confirmation or appointment reminder, you don't need express written consent. However, the difference between informational and marketing texts is a fine line. We highly recommend getting express consent regardless of the type of message you intend to send.

If you’re unsure about whether your contacts have provided express written consent, seek the guidance of a qualified attorney.

Further Reading

This is kind of complicated—we know. Luckily, there some great resources out there for you. Here are some of our favorite links from experts in the legal field.

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