What happens if you own a phone number that you want to use on your SimpleTexting account, but it's currently text-enabled with a different phone provider? 

We're so glad you asked. 😉 We'll keep it straight and to the point. Here is how to release your phone number from another provider and get it text-enabled with SimpleTexting instead:

1. Tell us which number to text-enable for use on your SimpleTexting account

To request a phone number change:

  • Log in to your SimpleTexting account

  • Select the profile icon in the upper righthand corner

  • Select Profile & Settings

  • Select My number

  • Select Change number

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to share the phone number you'd like to text-enable with us

You'll likely hear from us within 24 hours, walking you through next steps, which will look like this...

2. Ask your phone provider to release the number's texting capabilities to SimpleTexting

Phone numbers can only be text-enabled in one spot at a time, so sometimes it's necessary to reach out to your current provider to let them know you'd like to text-enable your number with a different provider instead.

Two things to note about this step:

  1. This step can often be skipped, depending on your phone provider. You can assume this step is not necessary unless a member of our team tells you that it is.

  2. For the cases that do require the completion of this step, we're not always able to guarantee that we'll be able to text-enable your number in the end. We will certainly try (and more often than not are able to text-enable the number with no problems!). That said, every so often phone providers don't like to release those SMS capabilities. Similar to point number one, you can assume this is not the case for you unless our team tells you otherwise. 👍🏼

Once you've asked your phone provider to release your number's SMS/texting capabilities, let us know. This process usually takes around 7 business days. 

3. Provide proof that you own your number

This step is mostly just to ensure we don't accidentally text-enable someone else's number. 😅 (Typos happen!)

To do this, we can just give you a call at the number. Easy at that!

The other option is for you to send us an invoice or billing statement for your number, or a screenshot when you're logged into your phone provider's account online. Just be sure that whatever you send us has your and/or your business' name on it, along with the phone number you're asking us to text-enable. 

4. Fill out our Letter of Authorization

This step gives us the official go-ahead to text-enable your number. 

It's a form that you'll fill out electronically, and typically takes a few minutes to complete. We'll send you the link to this form after you've completed all the steps above.

Pro Tip: Be sure to ping us by email or live chat once you've submitted your LoA so we can get started on next steps on our end. 👍🏼

5. Wait for us to let you know that your new number is on your account 😃

After you submit the form, we'll get the process going for text-enabling your number and getting it up and running on your SimpleTexting account. This process usually takes anywhere from a few hours to a few business days to complete, so you'll likely hear from us within that timeframe.

6. Text your SimpleTexting subscribers with your new number on your account 🎉

That's it! Go out there and use texts to build the customer experience your customers have been dreaming about.

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