Engagement-grabbing images might be the closest thing marketers have to a magic wand when it comes to attracting attention. And to make it even easier to design these images for your SMS marketing campaigns, we’ve whipped up a new, free tool that requires no design experience and is super easy to use.

Here's a link to our free graphic generator.

Set Up a Keyword

A keyword is a word or phrase that people can text to your number to sign up for future messages. (E.g. Text DEMO to 555888.) Already have one? Move on to the next section. If you don't, visit this article first.

Choose a Template or Start from Scratch

1. The tool comes equipped with eight free templates. You can use one of the templates as the basis for your design or select "Clear All" to start from scratch.

Styling your Image

2. Now it's time to get creative. You can edit the image's:

  • Background color

  • Border color

  • Roundness

  • Maximum width

  • The location of the close button

  • Drop shadow

You can also choose whether you want to display "Powered By SimpleTexting.com" or not.

3. The next step is to add your logo and decide it's alignment as well as it's maximum width. 

4. Add the CTA text and the secondary text. In the example below, the text is categorized as follows:

  • CTA Text: Text RUN to 900900 to sign up for discounts

  • Secondary Text: We’ll text you an exclusive offer every Monday so you can start your week on the right foot!

5. Edit the font type, color, size, alignment, and whether the font is bold or italicized. 

Generate Your Compliance Info

6. To help you comply with industry regulations, we can generate and host your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages. All you have to do is enter your company name and email.

7. Be sure to select how many times per month you plan to messages your subscribers.

Add It To Your Site

8. Click the export & embed button in the top-right corner. 

9. Copy the code in the box if you want to embed the image on your website. 

10. Download the image as a JPG if you wish to share it across other marketing channels.

11. Done! You've just created a beautiful image that will help you promote your keyword and number.

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