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What are the rules for how I can promote my keyword?
What are the rules for how I can promote my keyword?

A few simple rules before you begin promoting your keywords.

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In a nutshell, phone carrier guidelines require you to include the following when promoting a text keyword:

  • A notice that message and data rates may apply

  • The frequency (e.g., Max 2 messages per week)

  • Opt-out instructions (e.g., To unsubscribe, text STOP {KEYWORD} to (833) 602-8038)

I Don’t Know How Many Messages I Will Send

The frequency portion aims to provide your subscribers with an expectation of what volume of text messages they expect to receive from you per month.

The frequency you state is not a hard limit, and will not cap how many messages you can send per month. It is an estimate to help you set expectations with your subscribers. 

You can certainly send more or less per month and be just fine. 😁

Can You Provide an Example of a Compliant CTA?

Here is an example of a compliant CTA:

To learn more information about SimpleTexting, text DEMO to (833) 602-8038.

Reply STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for help. Estim. 4 msgs/month. Msg&Data rates may apply.

Create Compliant Graphics to Promote Your Keyword

With our Graphic Generator Tool, you can create an eye-catching–and completely compliant–graphic in a matter of minutes.

We add the necessary disclaimers and even host your terms and conditions pages for you. It’s compliance, without the stress.

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