If you’re actively sending multiple campaigns from your account, it can be tough to sort out the responses you get based on which campaign they came from.

We’ve removed the guesswork for you. Now, each time you send a campaign, it will create a tag that appears at the top of Inbox messages sent in response to that campaign.

Locating Your Campaign Tag

When you receive a message through the Inbox, open the message in the left-hand panel and view it in the main message box.

At the top of the message, you’ll see the tag in blue marked with a megaphone symbol and the name of your campaign.

You can click on this tag to view information about the Campaign.

If you’d like to get back to the Inbox, just click on the ‘Responses’ option in the ‘Performance’ section of Campaigns.

Note: Responses are incoming messages received within 48 hours after a Campaign.

Filtering the Inbox by Campaign

Want to see specific campaign responses in your inbox view? Click on the blue megaphone icon near the search bar, and select the campaign from the drop-down menu. The dropdown list only shows campaigns that have responses.

It’s that simple!

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