MMS lets you attach rich media to your text campaigns and write up to 1,600 characters per message.

It's like SMS, except much more engaging and shareable.  

Here's how to set up and send an MMS campaign:

1. Log in and click Campaigns in the left sidebar.

2. Then, click the New campaign button. 

3. Give your campaign a name, and be sure to select the MMS Type. 

For the campaign name, it's usually best to come up with something that's easy to remember and distinct from your other campaigns.

4. Write a subject line.

Yep, MMS gives you a subject line for every text message, just like email. Sweet!

5. Write your message.

This is the field where your main message goes:

Let's say you're the owner of Lenny's Pizza, and you want to send your subscribers a 10% off coupon with a picture of some yummy pizza. Here's what that might look like: 

LennysPizza: Hey, pizza people – come in today and show this coupon to get 10% off some yummy pizza!

(Remember, you've got 1,600 characters here, so knock yourself out!) 

6. Attach your media. 

Click the Media button to start uploading rich content. You should see a popup window that looks like this:

You can attach multiple files here, so long as the total size of the files is 1Mb or smaller. 

In terms of image dimensions, you can send any size that you want. However, we recommend using 414 x 628 pixels or 828 x 1256 pixels for higher resolution.

7. Compose an SMS fallback message. 

There's a small percentage of mobile devices—about 2% or so—that still don't support MMS, so this field is for setting up a fallback message for those devices:

You can include a URL and link out to your rich media.  

8. At the bottom, select the list or lists you’d like to message.

9. Click Next.

10. Send, schedule, or edit your campaign.

That’s it, you’re done!

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