At SimpleTexting, the process for sending messages is … simple. 🙃

Follow along and you’ll be texting in no time:

1. Log in and click Campaigns, then select New Campaign.

Or, if you like shortcuts, just click the plus symbol to the right of the campaigns tab.

2. Enter a name for the campaign. 

Shoot for something that’s straightforward and recognizable—it’ll help keep your Analytics from turning into a guessing game later.

3. Write your message.

As a best practice, the first word of your text message should be your list name, business name, or something else that’s easily identifiable. For example:

SWEET TREATS: Thanks for being a loyal customer! Show this text for 10% off your next order.

This lets recipients know right away that it’s Sweet Treats offering them a delicious deal, and not any of the other bakeries they might be getting delicious deals from.

4. Select the list or lists you’d like to message.

Here’s how things look inside SimpleTexting:

5. Click Next.

6. Send, schedule, or edit your message.

That’s it, you’re done!

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