Secure web forms? Yep, we have them…and you can, too!

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Adding a secure web form to your site takes less than two minute! This step-by-step video will show you how.

Creating a Sign-Up Form

1. Click Apps on the left-hand panel of your dashboard

2. Select Web Sign-Up Forms

3. Click Create sign-up form. (If you’ve already added at least one form, you’ll select Add form instead.)

4. Give the form a name, choose the list you'd like to add the contacts to a select the fields you'd like to collect. The phone number field is added automatically.

5. Adjust the frequency field. This is how many message you plan to send each subscriber every month.

6. Click Save. Your form is ready!

Note: If you are on one of our shared short codes, your subscribers who opt in through your web forms will be required to confirm their subscription by text, as well (known as double opt-in). 

Adding the Form to Your Website

1. Click Get code.

2. Copy and paste the code to add it to your website. You can insert the code to your website as a link, Iframe or as HTML that can be styled to match your website. 

3. Done! Here’s what a web form looks like on the outside:

SimpleTexting Tips:

Web Forms and Apps☝️
You will need at least one subscriber to sign up through your web form before you will be able to choose that subscriber list for message delivery and/or some app-based features.

Text Messaging Terms 📜
A SimpleTexting webform can be used to see an example of a compliant web form, as well as a compliant example of text messaging terms. The link found at the bottom of each SimpleTexting web form is automatically updated with your account details, including your company name. Feel free to use these for inspiration if you're creating your own terms outside of our web forms!

Additional Website Tools

If you are unsure about using a web form, you can consider using these two free tools. 

Make it unbelievably easy for visitors to your website to sign up for your text messages.

You can add a click-to-text button to your website that launches your customer's native text messaging app.

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