Web forms are a popular way to add a compliant opt in to your website. You can create one with SimpleTexting's Web Form app, or you can add a compliant checkbox and disclaimer to an existing form.

How to Set Up a Web Form Opt In

We've built an app to help you get up and running with SMS web forms in no time. Take a look at our tutorial to learn how to set one up.

If you already have a form on your site, you can add a checkbox and disclaimer to it to collect contacts in a compliant manner.

Web Form Compliance Checklist

Compliant web forms typically have a check box and disclaimer that communicates:

  • The messages to be received will be marketing/promotional in nature

  • The messages will be sent via an autodialer

  • The agreement to receive the autodialed promotional text messages isn’t a condition of any purchase

  • Your campaign purpose

  • Message frequency

  • Info about message and data rates

  • A link to your terms and conditions and privacy policy

Filling Out the Registration Form

Below, you'll find an example of how someone with a web form opt in might fill out the toll-free verification form.

  1. When asked how people will give their consent, select Online.

  2. When asked how you're collecting phone numbers, describe when a contact will encounter this web form.

  3. For the opt-in URL, enter the web address where the form is located.

  4. Then, upload a screenshot of the form.

Opt-in Resources

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