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Toll-free verification form guide
Toll-free verification form guide

Learn how to fill out the toll-free verification form and avoid disruptions to your service.

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U.S. and Canadian phone carriers are requiring compliance updates for toll-free numbers, known as toll-free verification. While the changes are industry-wide, it's our responsibility to uphold them and make sure there are no disruptions to your service.

The toll-free number verification form takes less than 10 minutes to fill out, on average, and it saves your progress as you go. It will also be used to help you register for a 10DLC number if you choose to use one in the future.

Read on for tips, and feel free to reach out to our team via email or the chat icon in the bottom right of this screen if you get stuck.

Filling out the registration form

To make things super simple, have your employer identification number (if you have one) handy, and take screenshots of how customers opt in to your text messages.

These opt in methods might include a checkbox at the end of a paper or web sign up form, a keyword that your audience texts to subscribe, and more.

After entering the email associated with your SimpleTexting account, you’ll find the following form sections.

📝 Form Table of Contents

Company details

Legal company name. Enter your legal company name. Your legal company name is the one you use for filing tax forms and other official forms.

Industry. Choose the option from the drop-down menu that best describes your brand's industry.

Country. Select the country where your business is legally registered.

Address. Enter the address of the primary address that you send messages from.

Business contact & support details

Business contact details. List the main contact for the account (whether it’s you or someone else at your company or organization).

Support details. Add information about how your customers and prospects can reach you if they need help.

Messaging details

Approximate total number of messages you'll send each month. Enter your best estimate of the number of messages you’ll be sending each month. This is a count of individual messages, so one campaign sent to 100 people would be 100 messages, in this context.

What types of messages will you send? Select the option that best describes the types of messages you send (or plan to send, if you haven’t used text messaging before). If you send different types of messages (ex. both marketing messages and appointment notifications), choose “mixed.”

What type of messages? The next question corresponds to the type of messages you chose. For example, if you selected “customer care,” the next question will include more specific types like “app notifications” and “appointments.” Select the one that best describes the messages you plan to send. If you choose “mixed,” you’ll have the option to select two to five specific types of messages.

Why are you sending these messages? Next, explain in additional detail why you are sending text messages and include a bit about your business. It should match and address the message type(s) you selected in the previous questions. If you are verifying multiple phone numbers, please also include an explanation on why you’re using more than one number.

Sample message. Provide an example of a text you might send to your audience (or one that you have sent in the past). If you haven’t used SMS with your audience yet, you can find inspiration on our SMS templates page.

What phone numbers do you send in your messages? If you include a phone number in any of your text messages, list the number in this section.

What URLs do you send in your messages? If you include a URL (such as your homepage, product or service pages, or customer support pages) in any of your text messages, list the URL in this section.

Special cases

Were you previously using another messaging service for your business? If you switched to SimpleTexting from another SMS platform, click yes. Otherwise, select no.

If yes, select whether you were using a short code (ex. 55564) or long phone number (ex. 404-330-8403) in the next drop-down menu under “What type of number was this traffic on?”

I will have content advertising / promoting a commercial product or service. If you plan to text about your products or services, select yes.

I will have content related to direct lending or other loan arrangements. If you plan to text about direct lending or loan information, select yes.

I will have age-gated content. If you plan to text about content that’s age-restricted, like alcohol and firearms, select yes.

Consent/Opt-in messaging

Opt-in consent. For how people will give permission to be contacted, you have a couple of options.

Here are the three types and some example descriptions for how your contacts will opt in to receive text messages:

  1. Online

    • "Customers will opt in to my text messages through a form on my website."

    • "People can check a box at the end of my contact form to agree to receive text messages."

  2. Text to join

    • "People can text the keyword 'HOTDEALS' to give permission for us to text them about sales and promotions."

  3. Point of sale

    • Customers can check a box on the check-out page to receive text messages."

Opt-in images. This is where you’ll upload a screenshot or image of how your audience will opt in. Here are a few examples of what these types of images may look like:

That's it! If you're happy with the information you've entered (you can navigate back and forth in the form without losing your inputs), click Submit. Our team will do all the heavy lifting from there and will contact you if additional information is needed.

If you have any questions, click the blue chat box in the bottom right-hand corner, or email us at [email protected].

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