You can easily share pictures over text, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With our built in image uploader, we convert your images to links that get delivered along with your message.

You can insert images into campaigns, keyword auto-confirmation or auto-responder messages. We’ll cover campaigns, but the process is the same for the other message types.

Select the green New Campaign button in the quick access row on the left.  

Give your campaign a name and click on the Image button in the message box. 

You’ll be presented with an image upload window. You can drag and drop an image into this window or click on the little symbol with a sun and mountain in it to choose a file from your computer. Once it’s uploaded, make sure to select the file and click Insert.


There we go! Your image is converted to a link and ready to be sent out. Add the rest of your message, click Next and send right away or schedule it for later.

Pro Tip: 

  1.  Many modern phones can display your images as a preview right in the message thread. If you include the link at the very beginning (or end) of the message, it will show as a preview that users can tap to see without even opening their web browser. Want some more great news?  This tap counts as a click and will appear in your analytics letting you know that a user saw your image! Note: If you include more than one link in a message, most phones will just display them as links, rather than previews. 

2.  Want to display your image full screen in a browser?  There are so many different types of phones, this is a bit tricky to do.  But using these dimensions should get you full screen on the majority of modern phones! 

414 x 628 pixels or 

828 x 1256 pixels 

If you'd like to send a file not as a link but as an attachment through the Inbox, use the Inbox option 'Embed media as MMS'.

You can upload maximum file sizes of 15MB for GIF, JPEG, JPG/JPEG, PNG and 600KB for VCF, MP3, MP4, PDF and animated GIF.

Note: Additional carrier format limitations may be applied depending on the number. You'll be informed if the selected format isn't supported.

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