(This is part 8 in the SimpleTexting 101 Beginners Guide to SMS Marketing.)

The results are in! 📊

Do you want to understand your subscribers better? Are you itching to ask them a question? Of course you do/are.

With our Polling Subscribers app, you can easily send questions to your existing subscribers. Ask for feedback, let them rate your service, see what they think about potential new products, et cetera.

For example:

“What app should we develop next at SimpleTexting?”
 A. Recipes by Text
 B. Horoscopes
 C. Text-to-Be-President
 D. PurplePeopleEater Jokes ft. Sheb Wooley

Users simply text back the letter of the option they prefer (e.g., “D”), and you get the results inside your dashboard. 🙂

Maybe you noticed an app in your account called Text-2-Vote. What’s the difference? With polling, you send a message to existing subscribers, but with Text-2-Vote you use a keyword to get new subscribers.

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