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How do I add multiple users to my account?
How do I add multiple users to my account?

Learn how to add multiple users to your SimpleTexting account by adding team members in your settings.

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SimpleTexting allows you to add multiple team members to your account. Team members receive access to the list(s) that you give them access to. A team member will be able to send and receive messages to/from the users on that list. They do not have access to the account's billing information or notifications.

Note: Accounts include 3 free user seats.

You can add team members by clicking on the Settings button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen and choosing Team, then Invite team member.

Next, decide if you want to invite someone to be a manager or a member.

  1. Manager: Have as much control as the account owner. The only things they cannot access are your billing page and notifications.

  2. Members: Have limited permissions and can see only what managers grant them access to.

From there, you can grant team members access to all lists, or restrict access to only the lists they need. By default, all team members will be able to access your primary number.

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