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What's the difference between admins and team members?
What's the difference between admins and team members?

SimpleTexting allows you to add multiple team members to your account. Here are the main differences between managers and member accounts.

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Are you considering adding colleagues or a third party to your SimpleTexting account? You probably have questions about what they can and can’t do once you add them.

With that in mind, we created this comprehensive comparison table to highlight the differences in permissions between the two levels of access.

As you can see in the table below, members can send campaigns, manage contact lists, and read, reply, and respond to messages in the inbox.

However, you can grant members access only to specific contact lists if you want to. In this case, your members will only be able to send campaigns from the number to those lists they have permission to access.

They’ll also only be able to access and manage those lists and see incoming messages from just those contacts.

📌 If you want to know how to add team members to your account, this help center article explains how to do it.

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