Although account owners always have access to every number on their account, you have many options for granting or restricting individual team members' access.

By default, all team members and managers have access to your primary numberーbut you can restrict access if you need to.

Let’s go over the steps:

1. After logging into your SimpleTexting account, select Settings in the lower left-hand corner.

2. Click Numbers at the top right.

3. Select your Primary number from the list.

4. Find the Team members dropdown menu towards the bottom of the page. Click the grey down arrow to the right, and you’ll see a list of your team members.

5. Click on the names of the team members you want to have access to your primary number.

If there’s a team member you want to restrict access for, just make sure their name doesn’t show up in the Team members menu. You can also choose to Select all or Unselect all.

Note: You can adjust access to your primary and secondary numbers when you invite team members to your account, too.

Just locate the Access settings section, check the button next to Full access or Restricted access, and choose the phone number(s) you want to apply these settings to from the drop down menu labeled Phone numbers.

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