Customers who agree to receive future text messages from a business “opt in” by replying to an invitation displayed in marketing materials or online. They can also “opt out” by replying to a text message with STOP. People who opt in are “subscribers” whose cellphone numbers are stored in a contact list in the SimpleTexting application.

Do I Need to Anything When a Customer Opts Out?

When someone opts out, they are marked on the list as opted out and also added to the Local Block List on your Subscribers page. 

Any messages sent to that list will automatically skip them, so there is no need to delete them manually. 

If you'd still rather delete them, though, you can search for their contact entry in Subscribers, click on the 3 dots next to their name, and choose Delete. 

What If Someone Accidentally Opts Out?

By going to your subscriber's tab and selecting the Unsubscribed Contacts tab, you can choose the number you want to opt back in, select the three dots on the far right and choose unblock, like so:

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