Sometimes you need to know as soon as someone texts your keyword for the first time. This can be helpful if you're collecting leads when selling a home and need to get right back to someone. Here's how to get it set up so you never miss a message.  

Account Level Forwarding

Need to know about all messages that come into your account?  This is what we call account level forwarding. Any messages, whether they are keyword opt-ins or direct replies will be forwarded to you. 

Start by going to your Profile. You can do this by navigating to your Dashboard, clicking the person icon in the upper righthand corner of your screen, and selecting Profile. Then select the Notifications tab.  

Use the Email field to have all messages forwarded to your email and/or the Phone to have all messages forwarded to your phone.  

Note: When using phone forwarding, each message we send will be charged as 1 credit. 

Make sure you click Save changes once you've entered your details.  

Want to stop receiving the forwarded messages?  Remove your phone/email and we'll no longer send them.

Keyword Opt-In Forwarding

Only interested to know when someone joins one of your keywords? Do different people in your organization need to know when people join specific keywords?  You can do this with Keyword opt-in forwarding.  

Start out by navigating to Keywords on the left. If you haven't created a keyword, go ahead and create one now. If you have an existing keyword that you would like to set up a notification on, select the keyword, then scroll to the section marked Additional parameters.

If you'd like to receive notifications when someone opts-in to your email, check the box and enter your email.  Complete the same steps for phone forwarding if you'd like to receive notifications via text.  Remember, if you use phone forwarding, you'll be charged 1 credit for each notification sent to your phone.  

Make sure to click Save keyword to activate the notifications.   

If you no longer want to receive notifications, simply un-check the box and they'll immediately stop.  

Pro Tips: 

  1. Need to have emails forwarded to multiple addresses?  Create a group email addresses such as [email protected] and then forward this to the people who need to stay in the know.

  2. Want to be notified on your phone when someone messages your Inbox, but don't want to pay 1 credit for each text forward? Download our mobile app and set up push notifications instead. 😃

Beta Testing for New Notifications

You're welcome to join our beta testing group to work with improved notifications functionality, which provides browser and email notifications for all user role types and the ability to set up notifications for each individual phone number.

Specifically, a special setting for web desktop notifications will be custom set for the two types of message notifications: incoming 1-1 Inbox messages and automated messages (such as keywords and incoming compliance messages). Inbox Web browser notifications can be set up individually per each phone number.

Please reach out to us via [email protected] or the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner, mentioning that you would like to join the new notifications beta testing group.

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