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Opt-in Method Guide: Paper Forms
Opt-in Method Guide: Paper Forms

Have a paper form? You can add a checkbox to allow people to opt into future text messages.

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If you have a paper form that includes a phone number field, you can allow customers to opt into future text messages, as long as it has a check box and a description of what they're signing up for.

Paper Form Compliance

For the opt in on your paper form to be compliant, it needs to have a checkbox and a disclaimer that the person filling out the form agrees to receive your text messages.

Filling Out the Registration Form

Below, you'll find an example of how someone with a paper form opt in might fill out the toll-free verification form.

  1. When asked how people will give their consent, select Other.

  2. When asked how you're collecting phone numbers, describe what form the checkbox is on.

  3. For the opt-in URL, enter the web address where the form is located.

  4. Then, upload a screenshot of the form.

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