With autoresponders, you can send a staggered string of texts automatically spaced over days, weeks, or months. Perfect for weekly tips and tricks!

Don’t let them forget you—send automatic texts after they join.

Autoresponders allow you to send a delayed message a certain amount of time after someone joins your list. Let’s say you’re a business, and someone joins your list by texting your keyword to 555888. After two days, you want to send them a coupon automatically to bring them back into your business and turn them into a loyal customer.

How to use the Autoresponder feature with SimpleTexting:

To get to the autoresponder menu, simply click Messaging in the menu bar on the left. Click Autoresponders, then New autoresponder.

Next, create an Autoresponder name for your own reference. No one will end up seeing it. Select the list name you want the message to go out to.

Choose to send your Autoresponder as an SMS or MMS message.

Now, write the body of your message.

Select the delay and click Save!

There are many ways to use autoresponders. For instance, if you’re a salon and want to share beauty tips, or a doctor’s office and want to share health tips. You can come up with a series of messages that automatically go out to new subscribers.

Thanks for checking out the video, and happy texting!

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