You asked for it, so we made it happen! Rollover credits are now here. Any credits you don't use will automatically rollover until the following month.

A couple quick details about the how rollover credits work. 🙂 

  1. We’ll pull from the credits on your plan first, before dipping into your rollover credits.
  2. Unused rollover credits expire after one month.
  3. If you downgrade your plan, your rollover credits will be lost. 

Head to the billing section of your account to see how many credits you have available:

The user above, for example, pays for 500 credits per month. They've used 329 of their monthly credits. After they use the 171 credits left on their plan, they'll have access to the 177 which rolled over from the previous month.

If you have an annual plan, all of your credits for the year are available upfront, so rollover credits don't apply to your account. Psst, monthly plan peeps, if you're reading this you should know our annual plans include a 25% discount! Check out our pricing plans here

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