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Pausing, Overage, and Billing

What happens if I send more messages than my plan allows? The outcome of over-sending beyond your annual or monthly plan's allotment.

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Our pricing plans are based on a number of credits per month or per year. Once you’ve gone over your limit, you simply pay per every additional credit you use.

 If you think that you will need more credits within a billing cycle, you have two options:

  1. Upgrade to a higher plan, and only pay the difference between the two. You will then receive the difference in credits (your billing date will remain the same). 

  2. Go over the credits on your current plan and any overage will be charged as a single charge at the per-credit rate of the plan (as plans increase in volume, there is a lower per-credit cost). However, if you go over your credit limit and decide to upgrade, you will still have to pay your overage charge at the price per credit determined by your original plan. If you're on the 1,000 credit plan and you go over, additional credits would be charged at $0.05 per overage credit (that's $0.04 per overage credit on the 2,000 credit plan).

If you want to understand your current per additional credit rate, then check out our pricing page.

Do Message Credits Rollover?

Yes! On monthly plans, you can keep the credits you don't use until the end of the following month. If you want more details on how this works, check out this help center article.

Due to the fact that higher plans come with a volume discount,  credits do not roll over if you decide to downgrade your plan. 

For example, sign up for the $229/month, 7,500 credit plan. After your first payment, however, you downgrade to the $29/month 500 credit plan. The 7,000 credits do not roll over as it would be a misuse of the volume discount.

For this reason, it’s important to only downgrade your plan if you no longer need that many credits per month.

What Happens to Message Credits When I Pause My Account?

When you pause your account, you freeze it in time. 

No matter where you are in the billing cycle, your account will pause with the balance remaining exactly where it is.

When an account is unpaused, the credit balance and the days remaining on the billing cycle will start exactly where they were the day you paused.

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