Here we walk through how to set up an additional number on your account, step by step.

Additional numbers can only be used to have conversations via the Inbox.

In other words, they cannot be used to send campaigns to groups, set up keywords, or create drip campaigns.

For these features, you'll need to use your primary number.

1. Click your profile icon, then select Numbers.

2. Click the blue "Add number" button.

3. Select the type of number you'd like to add to your account.

To get started immediately, you can select a local number. You also have the option to text-enable your number or connect a vanity toll-free number acquired from a third-party such as

4. Type in your area code to see a list of available numbers. Select the number you want and click Get this number.

Assign the New Number to a Team Member

1. If you want to then assign the number to a team member, navigate back to Numbers.

2. You'll see your new number listed beneath the number assigned to you. Click "Edit."

3. Give your number a description and assign it to a team member. Don't forget to save your changes.

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