You already have plenty of options when it comes to managing your team members and contact lists.

Now, we’ve released a new Number Capabilities feature to give you the same flexibility when it comes to the numbers on your account.

Let’s take a quick tour through your settings:


Switching this option on will allow you or your team members to send out mass campaigns from your number.

Note: This capability can’t be turned off if you have a campaign actively sending on the number.


Check this box to allow your number to send automatic texts, or autoresponders, in response to prompts like Keywords.


Toggle this option on if you want to be able to add Keywords to your number to help contacts agree to receive messages.


This section determines whether or not your number can be connected to apps.

Once you’ve checked your boxes, click Save at the top of the pop-up.

What To Know About Turning Settings Off:

This feature is designed to give you more control over what your numbers can and can’t do.

That said, we do want to touch on what it means to toggle these capabilities off, especially if you’ve been actively using them for some time.


Turning off campaigns will archive all paused, scheduled, and recurring campaigns already on your number.


When you toggle off this setting, all active autoresponders on the number will be paused.


If you turn off Keywords on your number, all active Keywords will be permanently deleted and Keyword notifications will stop.


Turning off Apps will have different effects depending on which apps you’re using, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Active Web Forms will be deleted

  • Active Polls will be deleted

  • Active Birthday day texts will be paused

  • Active Text to Vote sequences will be paused

  • Active Text to win setups will be paused

  • Active Data Collection series will be paused

And that’s it! Customize your number as much or as little as you need.

Note: You can now run all of the above Apps through both your primary and secondary numbers.

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