Go to your Inbox and click the three dots at the top-right hand corner.

Once you click Inbox settings, you'll be presented with three toggles and a button. We'll walk through each of them.

By default, we hide conversations that have no incoming messages. For example, if you've sent a subscriber three campaigns but they've never replied to any of them, we won't display it as a thread.

We also don't create new threads when someone texts in a keyword. We do this to keep your Inbox tidy and easier to manage.

However, if you prefer to see keywords and autoresponders that your customers haven't engaged with in your inbox, go ahead and toggle this switch.

If you want to hide a conversation when someone texts an unsubscribe keyword like "STOP" or "STOPALL", toggle this switch.

By default, conversations are only marked as resolved once you click the checkmark at the top right-hand corner. If you'd prefer to mark them as resolved immediately after opening them, toggle this switch.

Want to clean up your entire Inbox? Click this button to mark all of your conversations as resolved, including those that are read, unread, and snoozed.

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