• Phone number is a set field for registered customers’ accounts.

Create a Webhook in Talon.One

To start, have a Talon.One campaign ready to receive a webhook.

Then navigate to Account → Dev Tools → Webhooks → Create Webhook

At this point, schedule a call with SimpleTexting Integrations team to set up integrations and generate the webhook URL on our platform. (NOTE)

Setting the Parameters and Payload

Set parameters that will be passed by the webhook to Workato, and set the payload, which should be formatted in JSON like the example below.

All data fields that you want to send must be specified as parameters and referenced in the payload.

The payload sent with your request needs to be manually written in JSON like this.

Example JSON Payload:

{"phone": "${$phone}", "coupon": "${$coupon}"}

Updating the Rules

Next, open the campaign you want to attach the webhook to, and navigate to Rule Builder to update the rules. Ensure conditions for the webhook triggers are properly set.

To set up a webhook for the first time, remove all conditions so it will activate on any order. Return and add conditions after completing the webhook setup.

Adding Effects

Add necessary effects for the event trigger. Add webhook as an effect, and select the webhook you created.

Input corresponding Built-in or Custom Entities.

Finally, save and activate the campaign, and send a test order to ensure everything’s working properly.

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