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Toll-free Verification Form: Opt-in Details
Toll-free Verification Form: Opt-in Details

To verify your toll-free number, you’ll need to tell carriers how your contacts opt in to receive texts. Here’s how to do it.

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You’re working through the form to verify your toll-free number, you’re almost to the end….and then you run into the part where you have to describe how your contacts will opt in to your texts.

We know this can be confusing–we’re here to walk you through it. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Type of Opt-in

When it comes to how your contacts opt in to receive your messages, you have a few options. Here are the most popular types.


Use this option if your contacts text a keyword to your number to opt into your text messages.

Web Form

Use this option if your customers sign up using a form on your website.

Text to Join

If your customer texts in a keyword to opt in, select “Text-to-Join.”

  • Point of Sale

    Select this option if your customers check a box to agree to receive texts during your online checkout process.

  • Other

    If you use something like a signed piece of paper to help your customers opt in, choose “Other.”

Part 2: Opt-in Description

Now that you’ve selected your type of opt-in, you’ll be asked to give some specifics.

On the form itself, this question looks like:

Let's run through a few possible examples of answers to inspire you as you get started.

Let's say you collect your opt-ins using a web form. You might write something descriptive like:

Or, alternatively, let's say you ask customers to join your list by texting in the keyword "JOIN."

You might write something like,

  • "My customers text the word JOIN to opt in to my list. We advertise this keyword on my website, as well as our monthly newsletter."

If you collect opt-ins during your checkout process, you might answer something like,

  • “My customers check a box onscreen during the checkout process for my online store, which says that they consent to receive my text messages.”

Be specific and descriptive about what your opt-in process is, as well as where your opt-in is located.

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